About this site

I use this site to post notes about cycling, (especially track cycling, and cycling education), technology, and other random topics. It’s my place to put various articles and information that I feel like sharing. Sometimes feel compelled to opine on a topic. I don’t rally expect people to read my writings, but maybe the odd person will find something useful!

When I was working, I had a blog where I wrote technology articles. This website is focussed on cycling articles, since that’s my current passion.

“It’s All Downhill From Here”…

Gravel Calls
As an active senior citizen cyclist, I find the double entendre really appropriate.

On one hand, the experience of getting older - the inevitable, gradual slowing down, the increase in aches & pains, the loss of flexibility, the decrease in balance, the forgetfulness. I like to say that my objective in training now is to “get slower less quickly”! In this sense, “going downhill” is bad.

But to a cyclist, “going downhill” is good - it means going fast, and having fun, with less effort. And retirement feels like that - fewer responsibilities, less stress, more freedom, more time. No one to tell you what you can and can’t do - “it’s all good!”