Ontario Track Cycling Resources

This page contains links to velodromes and organizations of interest to riders in Ontario

Here’s a bunch of information and links on the velodromes in, and near Ontario

  • Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton. This was the 2015 Pan AM Games velodrome, Its a UCI Class 1 velodrome, one of only two in North America. Here’s a few photos of riding at the Mattamy National Cycling centre, where we ride regularly.

  • Forest City Velodrome in London Ontario. This is the smallest permanent indoor velodrome in the world, and incredibly fun to ride. Here’s some photos and a FPV video that give you a sense of what the world’s most exciting velodrome is like to ride.

  • Bromont Velodrome, in Bromont Quebec east of Montreal, is a 250 meter wood outdoor track. The track was used for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and was moved to Bromont is 2000.

  • The Cleveland Velodrome, in Cleveland Ohio, is a 166 meter, 50-degree banked wood outdoor velodrome built in 2012.

  • The Bloomer Park Velodrome, in Rochester Hills Michigan near Detroit, is a 200 meter, 44-degree banked wood outdoor velodrome

  • The Ed Rudolph Velodrome, in Northbrook Illinois, near Chicago is a 382 meter, 18-degree banked concrete outdoor track.

  • The Chicago Velo Campus, in Chicago Illinois is a 166 meter, 50-degree banked plywood outdoor track, which was recently built.

  • The Ottawa Velodrome Project is an initiative to build an indoor velodrome in the Ottawa-Gatineau national capital region.

Links to organizations involved in track cycling:

  • Cycling Canada - Canada not only has a really strong squad of elite track racers, but Cycling Canada is putting a focus on youth development on the track.
  • The Ontario Cycling Association has its headquarters at the Milton velodrome. They also are very active in youth development. Its impressive how many kids under 15, and as young as 10, are riding the track, and how well they ride!
  • The Kallisto FCV Cycling Club as a club based out of the Forest City Velodrome, that is also going multiple times a week to Milton. They are a very active club with great opportunities for riders of all levels, and a particularly strong youth program.
  • The NCCH National Cycling Center Hamilton is another great with strong youth development and a great track program.
  • In Ottawa, the Ottawa Bicycle Club has all kinds of programs for all kinds of riders. We’ve both members of the OBC
  • In Toronto, the Lap Dogs Cycling Club has a large contingent of folks of all ages who ride the track. The Lap Dogs regularly book their own track time on the Milton velodrome. Robin is a member of the club, and Bill attends their track events and occasional club ride.