Hugo Markdown Image Handling

Hugo Markdown Image Handling

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The article discusses the details of how Goldmark Markdown and Hugo handles images, along with how to add attributes such a positioning and sizing when using images in a Hugo Markdown file.

Hugo's Markdown Formatting Tests

Introduction This article is a reference for Hugo’s version of markdown as well as Hugo’s processing. Here are a few good Markdown references and tutorials: Goldmark - Goldmark is a markdown processor written in go, which is used by Hugo Markdown Guide Wikipedia Markdown entry CommonMark - the markdown “standard”

Markdown Formatting

Introduction Many Flavours of Markdown There are many variants of Markdown formats, and each processor may support a range of extensions, and interpret the Markdown specifications in somwhat different ways. The main formats include: Markdown - this is the classic orginal version Multimarkdown - the orginal extension to Markdown GitHub Flavored Markdown -a small set of extension to Markdown defined by GitHub Kramdown - extensive set of extensions based on PHP markdown Extra package and Maruku Pandoc - extensive set of extensions, but strays from the original markdown syntax and extensions somewhat Markdown Processors There are also many different Markdown processors, each with their own quirks.

Hugo's Markdown Extensions

Introduction This article focuses on markdown as supported by Hugo and Pandoc. Here are a few good Markdown references and tutorials: Markdown Guide Wikipedia Markdown entry CommonMark - the markdown “standard” Hugo’s Markdown Hugo uses the GoldMark as it’s default Markdown processor. Goldmark supports the CommonMark standard, along with:

Using ASCIIMath and MathJax

This page tests and documents using MathJax, Latex and AsciiMath with Hugo and markdown. Getting a Markdown Processor to Ignore Markup MathJax, AsciiMath, and similar processors use special markup characters in the the html file. Often these characters overlap with markdown’s markup, and the markdown processor will mess things up. There are a number of options: