The Joy of Track Cycling

Welcome to Track Nut! These pages started in their own website (, got abandoned, and then resurrected here. Maybe they will even get added to in the future… who knows!

My lifelong friend and cycling buddy Robin and I are a couple of, well old, guys from Ontario that have re-discovered the joy of track cycling after over 30 years absence from the track. With the construction of the amazing Mattamy National Cycling Centre in 2015 for thge Pan-Am games, we couldn’t resist the lure of a UCI class 1 velodrome on our doorstep.

In the winter the velodrome is my second home, I travel to Toronto every week or two. We’re generally on the track multiple times a week. I also volunteer, at the track helping to run events. And I coach, supporting Ottawa Bicycle Club Youth and Racing program athletes at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre, or at one of our two other velodromes in the region - Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont south of Montreal and the Forest City Velodrome in London Ontario.

I’m passionate about track, and have introduced over a hundred people from age 9 to senior citizens to the fun of riding steeply banked velodromes. I run “Introduction to Track Cycling” trips to

Articles in this Series:

The Joy of Recreational Track Cycling

In the depths of winter, options for cycling become less appealing… Do I ride outdoors in the cold, wet, and wind? Or sweat it out indoors on a trainer, listening to music or a video to combat the boredom? There’s another option! With the construction of the Mattamy National Cycling Centre for the Pan Am Games, there’s a beautiful world-class indoor velodrome facility within reasonable driving distance of Ottawa.

Velodrome Basics

This page gives you a detailed tour around velodromes, using the two indoor velodromes in Ontario as examples:

Essential Rules of the Track

This page is deliberately short. We ride the track a lot and we keep coming across people not following these essential rules, resulting is quite a number of close calls. Crashes in recreational track cycling are rare, and we want to keep them that way!